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   Wholesale and retail of hydro-thermo-sanitary material. Furniture for bathrooms
 E.T.E.M. S.r.l.
   Surveillance structures: Armour-plated cabins, sentry boxes and accessories; movable protection shields; rifle-rangers and boxes for same; target training systems; emplacements for loading and unloading of weapons; special armoured cabinets for weapons and ammunitions storage; containers for weapons and ammunitions; gas masks. Entry control and anti-intrusion systems: Anti-robbery and interblocked doors; automatic barriers; metal detector; mirror Holeoscopio, security systems for documents and things to pass through; road blockers; anti-intrusion systems GPS - IPS - WPS. Shelters: Shelters for N.B.C. and events in vibrated concrete and prefabricated in steel.. Protection and integrated systems: Specially armoured aluminium doors and windows; armour-plated doors and strongdoors; strong-boxes and cabinets. Armoured cabinets; fire-proof and refractory cabinets
 ME.CA.L S.p.a.
   Manufacture and sale of machines and equipment for the processing of aluminium and PVC borders for the production of doors and windows.
   Flat and bent tempered glasses for: industrial vehicles, tractor cabs, watercrafts and ships, refrigerated display cases.