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Domitalia is a non-profit multi-regional export consortium, which small and medium-scale companies from all over Italy operating in the civil construction and infrastructure sectors can join.
It was established in November 2007 for the purpose of promoting export in the construction sector with the aim of supporting member companies in their internationalization process and favouring their presence on international markets. In fact, assuming that Italian enterprises can win the challenge of globalization on their own, just thanks to quality, design or price (crucial factors within the manufacturing process) is an illusion.
The challenge at global level has become a challenge among “country systems” that calls also for an adaptation of regulations and structures.

For this reason, Domitalia operates on behalf of its member companies in promoting trade fairs and missions, as it considers the trade-show system an essential support tool for a company’s business growth within the internationalization process, and commercial missions an opportunity for testing, sales, strategic presence and the direct positioning of the companies, both in the case of countries approached for the first time and to verify the trend and appeal of already known markets.
Besides this “promotional” activity in its narrowest sense, the consortium also offers the necessary information to its member companies gaining access to international markets for the first time or wishing to consolidate their presence (customized consulting regarding import/export and special training/advanced training in relation to international trade).