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E.T.E.M. S.r.l.
Via XXV Aprile, 1
27010 Valle Salimbene ((PV))
Tel.: 0382 485638
Fax:0382 587305
Surveillance structures: Armour-plated cabins, sentry boxes and accessories; movable protection shields; rifle-rangers and boxes for same; target training systems; emplacements for loading and unloading of weapons; special armoured cabinets for weapons and ammunitions storage; containers for weapons and ammunitions; gas masks. Entry control and anti-intrusion systems: Anti-robbery and interblocked doors; automatic barriers; metal detector; mirror Holeoscopio, security systems for documents and things to pass through; road blockers; anti-intrusion systems GPS - IPS - WPS. Shelters: Shelters for N.B.C. and events in vibrated concrete and prefabricated in steel.. Protection and integrated systems: Specially armoured aluminium doors and windows; armour-plated doors and strongdoors; strong-boxes and cabinets. Armoured cabinets; fire-proof and refractory cabinets